learn from the mistakes of others, you'll never live long enough to learn from yours. 

date true  horror  story conclusion
dec, 2003 leading builder buys teardown($ 300,000) in preston hollow & scraps old house; while framing on new house, builder receives from h.o. assoc. attorney a "Cease and Decist Letter" explaining the restrictions don't allow two-story homes. never close on a lot without scrutinizing the restrictions !
jan, 2003 plano builder buys teardown($ 250,000) in university park, scraps old house & goes for permit; plan reviewer rejects builders application, saying "it's common knowledge you cannot build on that lot(72" sewer line thru middle of lot)"; when confronted by builder, elderly seller replied, "hell, i didn't know you wanted to build !"

never close on a lot without checking survey for easements

this builder even scraped his possible rent house !

may, 2005 home-owner suspects  borers in cabinets...hires fumigator from houston.... calls attorney to force builder to pay huge bill. (see fotos) builders can't win... this home was 10 yrs old !

jan, 1998 dallas bldr catches so much greef from home-owner about 1997 commodes plugging up,  bldr replaces old with new commodes... warn your home-owners against using "charmin" toilet paper... worst about plugging commodes. 
jan, 2006 prominent tarrant county bldr building $1.5 million build-to-suit in vaquero is setting wood windows... buyer says change 'em all to arch-top... bldr says,  i'll get you a price... buyer says, no need, that's included in your bid... bldr refers buyer to plans... enter legal beagles ... bldr gets $1.5 million judgement on him & must file "b-word". build all spec... the problem buyers are always build-to-suit !!!

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modified: November 25, 2008