PRIVACY  : will neighbor's window or yard look on yours
TRAFFIC    : look at layout of development, especially future phases, pay more for low-traffic lots

on cul-de-sacs or at rear of development, avoid lots at entrance or at top of  " T " intersection  

ORIENTATION: homes facing north & south are best
SOIL : lot with higher PVR(potential verical rise) calls for  more costly foundation... ask for soil report
BUILDING COST: sloping or wooded lot costs more to build on,
RESTRICTIONS: read 'em before buying
DRAINAGE:  buy the high ground
PARKS : got kids ? buy close to park,  no kids? buy far from park   
SITE : walk the lot before buying... check topo
SKIP LOTS: on pretty day, after school,  slow walk the neighborhood, talk to the neighbors...

they'll give you good info

ROGUE DEVELOPER beware of ego developers... some can make it impossible to build a home...

then, you're stuck with unmarketable lots... believe me, it happened in tarrant county.




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modified: November 25, 2008