PROBLEM :                             SOLUTION :
1 whoa is me ! all builders have stragglers, get over it !
2 i've got bad luck ! good luck is being ready for the chance !
3 mistakes were made ! fix it, if feasible, never dwell on a spec's weakness !
4 i'm going to lose my shirt ! self-pity is a waste of time !
5 this spec is drowning me any port in a storm !
6 slow traffic set inexpensive directional signs
7 posted price give rock-bottom price only to hot prospects
8 limited ad budget all specs should be in m.l.s., then try classifieds !
9 strong colors strong colors should be in small quantities !
10 i hate this spec ! hatred is self-punishment!
11 spec is shop-worn enamel crown mold for new home scent !
12 spec is shop-worn shampoo carpet !
13 spec is shop-worn plug-in odorants ! (avail at supermkt)
14 spec is shop-worn have cleaning crew bi-weekly !
15 spec is not pulled up tight work your punch list !
16 concerns over builder warranty offer 2-10 type insured warranty
17  poor access leave unlocked or other builders gets your showing
18 price is the issue give prospect your rock-bottom price
19 you missed showing sit on house, make guest bedrm your office !
20 interim cost is huge ! say "my investor says move it! "
21 finally! got a prospect! listen carefully, price may not be the objection
22 need to motivate agent in private, offer agent 4% fee !
23 prospect raises objections rehearse counters to all possible objections !
24 poor contact with agents tape sign-in sheet w/ pen to counter top
25 this spec is eating my lunch never divulge your position of weakness
26 prospect concerned about closing costs pay some or all of prospect's closing costs
27 dump the spec, get on with your life consider or other investors
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modified: November 25, 2008